Big Splash – Dunk Machine

Capacity: N/A
Height/Size Requirements: All ages and sizes
Dimensions: 3m X 3m
Power Requirements: None
Comments: Access to a hose is needed.
Featuring all the excitement of the traditional Dunk Tank, Super Soaker is 100% safe to operate, as the water falls, not the person.

It’s simple to use; just throw the ball, hit the target and SPLASH! – a huge bucket of water is tipped over – drenching the “volunteer” below.

Super Soaker sets up in minutes and is environmentally friendly too – using a fraction of the water required to fill a traditional Dunk Tank.

It’s as much fun to watch as it is to play – they’ll line up by the hundreds to try and “Super Soak” a teacher or the Headmaster. Other non-playing kids can’t wait to sit and be drenched, especially on the warm days in Summer!


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